The Truth About Jenny The Elephant: Facts No One Can Dispute


There is all kinds of propaganda circling about what is best for Jenny the Elephant.  It’s best to break down fact from fiction. 

Here are the indisputable facts:

  1. Jenny is old and there is no telling how long she will live.  It could be one more year it could be 10 more years.
  2. The enclosure where she currently lives is to small.  At a 1/4 of an acre an Elephant should have more space.  Even Dallas Zoo Director Gregg Hudson agrees.
  3. Moving Jenny would put her under stress, stress that could kill her.
  4. She is in desperate need of a companion, without one could put her under stress, stress that could kill her.
  5. Jenny has a history of complex medical issues.  There is no indication the Dallas Zoo is knowingly ignoring those issues.
  6. Jenny is NOT currently on any medications or sedatives.
  7. Jenny deserves to be happy.

Here are the statements up for argument and debate (meaning the truth is anyones guess):

  1. The new 4 acre site will be completed in 18 months.
  2. Jenny is depressed. (activists say she was swaying, today I saw no signs of that)
  3. The best place for Jenny is in…..  (My guess is the sanctuary in TN, but who know what moving an old elephant from the spot she has lived for 22 years will do.)
  4. Dallas is treating Jenny as a piece of property not a living creature.

Now it’s your turn to decide what is best for Jenny.  The above information should help you come to your own conclusion, based on facts not propaganda. 

I personally have no idea what the answer is, it’s hard to argue with the statement that she would be happier in a sanctuary where she can live out her days in a place not being bothered with kids screaming her name all day.  Maybe I’ll move to Tennessee with her.


One Response to The Truth About Jenny The Elephant: Facts No One Can Dispute

  1. If Africa, elephant are relocated successfully almost on a daily basis for different reasons. Elephants are very social animals and jenny DOES need other elephants to help her mental state if unhappy and of course a lot more space as elephants in the wild do cover large distances every day.
    She should be sedated and moved to a more suitable location.

    A few hours or day under sedation when been relocated might be stressful for her but it is still far better than spending the rest of her life unhappy and possibly stressed.

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